Week in Review : MAJOR EVENTS, IMAGES AND PEOPLE IN ORANGE COUNTY NEWS. : POLITICS : 4 Cities Vote to Keep 6 Incumbents on Councils

<i> Week in Review stories were compiled by Times staff writers Steve Emmons and Mark I. Pinsky. </i>

It was a light turnout for city elections in La Habra, Los Alamitos, San Juan Capistrano and Tustin, and the voters seemed satisfied with things in general.

They returned to office six of the seven incumbents seeking reelection. Only La Habra City Councilman Kent Roberts failed in his reelection effort, losing a close race to 23-year-old public relations executive Douglas J. Bystry.

Two other newcomers won places on the city councils.

In Los Alamitos, Alice B. Jempsa, an assistant principal and teacher, drew 801 votes to lead the field.


And in Tustin, John Kelly, who first ran for the City Council at age 18, finally won at age 24 on his fourth try. Kelly said the victory left him “euphoric” but unprepared to make a victory statement. He is more practiced at concession speeches, he said, having never before won an election, even in school.

“We Irish never give up on anything,” Kelly said.