Judge and Son's Parking Tickets

The actions of Judge Boags in completely wiping out any fines on his son's 72 parking tickets is the most obvious case of "obstruction of justice" that I have heard of from a local judge in years. His excuses are so flimsy, I doubt if a third grader would believe them.

What Boags is saying is that, if your father is a judge and you get a ticket, it's OK to bypass normal channels. Simply give the tickets to your dad to dispose of!

The judge "believed that his son was parking legally." Yet, 47 of the tickets were for 2-hour limit, no parking zone, meter violations, school official parking and fire hydrant. But the judge said, "I didn't know that. Usually, I had something else on my mind. I let the stuff slip!"

Is this judge for real? Did he have something else on his mind for all 72 tickets? Did he look at any of the tickets to check the citing section before dismissing them?

To compound his lack of credibility, he wants us to believe that he didn't ever consider a "conflict of financial interest" before dismissing all the tickets! Pardon me for laughing so hard!

Our only hope for this situation is that the district attorney and the Commission on Judicial Performance don't go soft in the wake of this atrocity!


Van Nuys

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