All About Americans

The “All About Americans” article really inflamed me! What absolute gall! “Barbara” lets off steam about Americans in her tour groups who are apparently all dolts or barbarians. It sounded to me like examples were made of the worst of her charges. Some travel agent somewhere should have advised them in advance of their trip about the types of clothing and amount of luggage they should take.

I think it’s marvelous for Barbara that she can speak five languages, packs her own suitcase intelligently, and that she surprises and delights travelers when they find out how efficient she is at what she does. It’s nice for Barbara that she could let off steam about the dumb Americans who provide her income for seven months of the year.

And the cartoon is most offensive! It accentuates the conceit and prejudice of the tour guide.

Shame on you, Arthur Harris, for writing this tripe!