Films beginning production this week. ...

Compiled by David Pecchia

Films beginning production this week. THE FOURTH PROTOCOL (Fourth Protocol Films). Shooting in Finland and London. Based on Frederick Forsyth's thriller about a British agent who uncovers a KGB operation to assemble and explode a nuclear bomb at an American airbase in England. Executive producers Michael Caine and Forsyth. Producer Timothy Burrill. Director John MacKenzie. Screenwriters George Axelrod and Forsyth.Stars Caine and Pierce Brosnan. Distributor and release date undetermined.

BLACK WIDOW (20th Century Fox). Shooting in Seattle and Hawaii. Psychological thriller. Investigator Debra Winger goes undercover to track down beauteous (but evil) Theresa Russell, who makes a profession of wiping out her husbands. The twist is--they become almost buddies. Producer Harold Schneider. Director Bob Rafelson. Screenwriter Ron Bass. Release date undetermined.

MAKING MR. RIGHT (Mr. Right Inc.). Shooting in Miami. Romantic-comedy. A woman finally finds the perfect man, only to discover that he's an android. Executive producers Dan Enright and Susan Seidelman. Producers Joel Tuber and Mike Wise. Director Seidelman. Screenwriters Floyd Byars and Laurie Frank. Stars John Malkovich and Ann Magnuson. Distributor Orion. Release date undetermined.

QUIET COOL (New Line Cinema). Shooting in Northern California. Action-adventure. A strict cop and a laid-back juvenile form an unholy alliance against the scum who murdered their loved ones. Executive producers Pierre David, Arthur Sarkissian and Larry Thompson. Producer Robert Shaye. Director Clay Borris. Screenwriters Borris and Susan Vercellino. Stars James Remar, Adam Howard Coleman and Daphne Ashbrook. October release.

HOLLYWOOD BABYLON (Hemdale Prods.). Shooting in L.A. Semi-documentary based on Kenneth Anger's scathing book that revealed the not-so-glamorous side of Tinseltown. Executive producers John Daly and Derek Gibson. Producer Allan Sachs. Screenwriters Anger, Sachs and Fiona Rouse. Release date undetermined.

NIGHT SCREAMS (Dill II Prods.). Shooting in Kansas. Two escaped psychopathic killers crash a student beer bust and then proceed to spoil the party. Executive producer Dill Hart Sr. Producers Dill Hart Jr. and Richard Caliendo. Screenwriters Dill Hart Jr. and Mitch Brian. Stars Joe Manno and Megan Rice. Distributor and release date undetermined.

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