<i> From United Press International </i>

The Soviet Union’s major afternoon newspaper has criticized neighboring Finland letting American and British companies film “anti-Soviet” movies in its territory.

Izvestia newspaper warned that “one should listen to the opinion” that “such cinema does not contribute to strengthening the spirit of good neighborliness between the two countries.”

The paper listed “Gorky Park” and “White Nights” as “anti-Soviet” films shot in Finland. Both American films involved defectors, intrigue and corruption in the Soviet Union.

A British company, reportededly filming the movie “The Fourth Protocol” in Finland, came under severe criticism.


Izvestia’s reporter in Helsinki wrote that the British film crew constructed “a Russian secret base,” where, according to the film script, a plot is hatched to explode a nuclear bomb near an American base in England.

The paper said the character of the film was “not worth discussing.” But it added that “today one thing is surprising. That Finland has allowed itself to become the place for shooting slanderous films.”

“Somebody is anxious to organize an anti-Soviet performance on the stage of Finland,” Izvestia said.

The Soviet Union and Finland share an almost 600-mile border and maintain treaties of cooperation.