Norwalk : Teachers Get Lottery Share

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The Board of Trustees for the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District agreed Monday to share a percentage of California Lottery money with teachers through June 30, 1987.

The agreement with the Teachers Assn. of the Norwalk-La Mirada Area, which represents 805 teachers, calls for a 2%, across-the-board increase for all teachers and a $250 bonus for teachers who have worked 20 and 24 years. Teachers’ salaries start at $20,672.

The district also agreed to give teachers per diem pay for extra days worked rather than the substitute rate of $75 per day. The district, which expects to receive more than $4 million through the end of the 1986-87 school year, has allocated 18.5% of all its lottery funds for school renewal projects. The projects, such as buying playground equipment, will be chosen by teachers at each school.


Richard Ruether, executive director of the union, said the agreement represents a “good compromise” from the union’s original proposal, which asked that 100% of all lottery funds go to teachers.

He said the union asked for 100% after school districts were strongly urged not to use lottery funds for teacher salaries. The school board “recognized a need to do something for teachers,” he said.

The district is still negotiating with unions representing classified workers.