Teen-Agers and Premarital Sex

When I began to read Thomas' article I felt myself in mild agreement: Teen-agers would probably be better off postponing sex. But as I continued to read I saw that he was talking about more than preventing unwanted pregnancies.

He was telling me what good sex was and what bad sex was. He was telling me that being celibate until I marry was "for my own good."

He was even going so far as to suggest the idea of giving citations to people engaging in non-marital sex, though admitting such a thing would be unenforceable.

I was left with a grim feeling that it was still something he wouldn't mind trying.

Few people would challenge the idea of a parent having the right to decide what type of sexual education his child receives. I challenge the idea of an adult deciding for another adult what is to be taught to that child.


Los Angeles

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