Louis Cordileone pleaded innocent Friday in San Diego Municipal Court to charges that he induced his girlfriend to perjure herself in testimony before a grand jury investigating fixed bingo games at the Barona Indian Reservation.

The preliminary hearing on the felony charge is scheduled to begin June 12.

Cordileone, 49, of Reseda, was charged by the state attorney general's office in its ongoing investigation of rigged bingo games at the Indian reservation near Lakeside.

Cordileone was accused of instructing his girlfriend, Karen Greenberg Cohen, to deny knowledge that the games were fixed--a position she later recanted by admitting to the grand jury that she had been predetermined as the winner of $34,000, according to authorities.

Stewart Siegel, a former general manager of the bingo games, was indicted by that grand jury on charges of rigging six games in which the prize money totaled nearly $140,000. Siegel pleaded guilty to planting shills in four games with prizes totaling $96,000, and will be sentenced in July.

The bingo games have since halted.

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