OK, Can Anyone Name 3 Players on the Kings?

In his column Tuesday, written much like the Herald’s Alan Malamud, Mike Downey says regarding the just-completed NHL playoffs: “Can anyone name three players on the Calgary team?”

It is indeed writing like this that stifles what is a most exciting and enjoyable sport. Rather than talk about the brilliant performers like Claude Lemieux, Patrick Roy, John Vanbiesbrouck and Mike Vernon, Mr. Downey chose to put down the sport, totally negating these athletes and their accomplishments. Being an avid hockey fan, I must say that the 1986 playoffs were some of the most exciting I have seen.

I believe that if we had a solid team here in Los Angeles, there would be more people like myself writing notes to you in a similar manner. If you recall the 1981-82 Kings, they knocked off Edmonton and this city had hockey fever. All it takes is a winner. That and some fair reporting by institutions like yourself.



Los Angeles