Received Handwritten Note From Prince : First Lady to Attend Andrew’s Wedding

Associated Press

First Lady Nancy Reagan will attend the royal wedding of Britain’s Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in July, the White House announced today.

Elaine Crispen, Mrs. Reagan’s press secretary, said the First Lady had received a formal invitation as well as a handwritten note from the prince asking her to come to the July 23 event.

Although thousands of American tourists have stayed away from Britain due to the recent round of terrorist attacks in Europe, Crispen said the First Lady would not be deterred.


“She’s just not going to dwell on it,” Crispen said.

She said it had not yet been decided how many days Mrs. Reagan will stay in Britain for the wedding.

“It’s going to be small, a wedding for the family,” Crispen said, indicating the event will be much less lavish than the wedding for Prince Charles and Princess Diana that Mrs. Reagan attended in 1981.

The press secretary said Mrs. Reagan will write a personal reply to the young couple and is looking forward to the event.

“Oh, she’s very fond of them all,” Crispen said of Mrs. Reagan’s feelings toward the British Royal Family.