Hawthorne : Ex-Candidate Sues City

Former City Council candidate Kathy Corsiglia has sued the city, alleging that it violated its general plan by permitting a developer to put a building on a public right of way.

The building is a 26-unit apartment project to house people displaced by the Century Freeway. Its rear is constructed on a dead-end portion of the 14000 block of Fonthill Avenue, which the city considers a private street and Corsiglia says is public right of way.

Corsiglia alleges that the building, which sticks out into street paving, lowered the value of a house she owns at 14030 Fonthill Ave. by $55,000.

In the suit, she cited the general plan, which identified this portion of Fonthill as a substandard street that the city intended to widen by requiring dedications of frontage strips before development.

James Mitsch, chief of general services and public works, said that he had been unaware of the requirements of the general plan when construction was approved.

City Atty. Michael Adamson declined to comment on the suit. Before it was filed, the City Council, acting on Adamson's recommendation, denied a claim filed by Corsiglia.

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