Beating the Crowd at Torrance DMV

It was with dread that I noticed my California driver's license had expired in mid-June. It had been four years since I had had to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles, and frankly I had not yet recovered from that visit. I was so overwhelmed with anxiety at the thought of a several-hour wait (as I had experienced on my last visit) that I actually let my license expire.

Finally, after several weeks of extremely careful driving, being terrified of being caught without a license, I made my way to the Torrance Department of Motor Vehicles office. As I had expected the place was packed, with lines nearly out the door. Fortunately, I noticed an "appointments" sign. Within moments I had signed up for an appointment the following day.

My big surprise came the following day. I appeared for my appointment and waited in a very short line reserved for those with appointments. The clerk told me that he would type my application while I took the test, in order to expedite the process. I all but breezed through the grading and picture-taking line, again one that was reserved for those with appointments.

Within 12 minutes I had completed the drivers license application process. Somebody is doing something right! I'd like to write them in as a presidential choice in 1988.


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