International Board Will Rule on U.S. Boxing Team’s Protest

Members of the International Amateur Boxing Federation’s executive committee will meet today to consider a protest by the United States team in the Goodwill Games.

Pat Duffy, the U.S. team manager, filed a formal protest Tuesday after Harvey Richards, who was fighting in the quarterfinals of the 178-pound class, was disqualified for hitting his opponent, Denmark’s Niels Madsen, with a low blow.

Duffy said that according to international rules, Richards should have had a point deducted but should not have been disqualified since the second-round blow was not deliberate and his opponent was able to continue.

Duffy said Richards should be declared the winner because, according to Duffy’s calculations, the American was ahead on points at the time of the incident.


If the executive committee overturns the decision, Richards will fight in tonight’s semifinals at the Olympic Sports Complex.

In a statement Wednesday, Richards, of Springfield, Ill., said: “It was very wrong to make a decision like that. I don’t think the hit was low. But even if it was, I should have gotten a warning. I got compliments on the shot from officials around the world.

“It has given me a lot of mental anguish and pressure. Even if I do get the chance to box, I don’t really have any feelings or motivation. It’s like I don’t have anything to box for.”