San Dimas : Transit Fund Trade Sought

City officials are working on a plan with West Hollywood to exchange as much as $100,000 of San Dimas' yearly revenue from Proposition A transportation tax funds for money that would go into the city's general fund.

If an agreement is worked out, San Dimas would receive only 50 cents for each dollar of transportation money that goes to West Hollywood. But San Dimas would then have the option of using that money where it deems necessary, rather than having it restricted to transportation projects.

"The exchange rate is justified because our (transportation) money can't be used for anything," San Dimas City Manager Robert Poff said. West Hollywood, on the other hand, has several transportation projects that need funding.

Poff said that San Dimas normally receives about $280,000 a year from revenue the county raises from the extra half-cent sales tax, but only about $150,000 of that amount is used. San Dimas has about $600,000 left over from transportation money it has received since 1983.

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