Concert Noise

Whereas I sympathize with the residents in San Pedro and what they had to endure with the recent rock concert there, we in Costa Mesa have to endure the Pacific Amphitheatre, which the County Board of Supervisors allowed into existence.

My home is 2 1/2 miles from the theater and if I stand outside I can hear the words of the songs when there is a performance.

There is no escaping this ear-splitting noise. With all windows and doors closed, the booming resounds throughout the house.

We have to endure this on evenings during the week, as well as on the weekends. And very often they rehearse for hours in the afternoons before performances.


The City of Costa Mesa is unable, according to the courts, to enforce their noise standards because the theater is on county property.!

Would that we could tape every concert and plant it outside the home of every supervisor who voted for this. They certainly had no regard for the rights of those who live in the area, and I think they deserve equal ear-splitting, headache-producing time. Let them be subjected to this abomination.

Streets are blocked off to a performance, traffic is snarled, debris is left, etc. etc.

The people in San Pedro are fortunate--they only had a few days of chaos. We have had it for several years now and have no way of knowing whether it will ever end.



Costa Mesa