Los Angeles' Realigned City Council Districts

After the death of Los Angeles City Councilman Howard Finn last month, council members again realigned their districts. The biggest changes: Finn's District 1 moved from the east San Fernando Valley to near downtown and became the second predominantly Latino district, along with the 14th. Districts 2 and 7 moved into the old District 1 territory. Districts 4, 5, 10 and 13 also shifted significantly.

Changes not shown here include those in Councilman Marvin Braude's District 11, which picked up 4,700 new residents in the Palms area and 12,000 in Van Nuys. Changes elsewhere were relatively minor.

The districts and the council members:

District 1: Vacant

District 2: Joel Wachs

District 4: John Ferraro

District 5: Zev Yaroslavsky

District 7: Ernani Bernardi

District 10: Dave Cunningham

(resigning Sept. 30)

District 13: Michael Woo

District 14: Richard Alatorre

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