Slaying Suspect Ordered Held for Possible Extradition

An Orange County Municipal Court judge Monday ordered a man suspected in the 1974 killing of a Chicago police officer held in Santa Ana until Illinois authorities request his extradition for trial.

Judge C. Robert Jameson ruled that Antonio Guillen Arias, 31, is the man named in a fugitive warrant issued in Cook County, Ill.

Arias was arrested Oct. 3. Under Jameson's ruling, Arias will be held 30 days to give Cook County authorities time to file extradition papers.

Defense lawyer Roland G. Rubalcava, who argued that the identification was faulty, said he was considering an appeal of Jameson's decision.

Authorities in Chicago consider Arias to be a suspect in the death of Robert Strugala, a 29-year-old Chicago police officer who was shot during an altercation in a bar. Strugala's partner, John Wasco, also was shot, but he recovered and has returned to duty.

Jose Guillen, 43, believed to be a relative of Arias, was convicted of murder in the incident and was sentenced to 50 to 100 years in prison in Strugala's death.

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