Times Ballot Recommendations

General Election Nov. 4, 1986

The Candidates

The Times will not endorse this year in the contests for governor and U.S. senator because both attract sufficient attention to enable voters to reach informed decisions. In other partisan elections this year, we endorse candidates in Los Angeles County who are running for open seats in Congress and the state Legislature.

State Offices

Lieutenant Governor--Leo T. McCarthy (D)

Secretary of State--March Fong Eu (D)

Controller--Gray Davis (D)

Treasurer--Jesse M. Unruh (D)

Attorney General--John Van de Kamp (D)

Board of Equalization

2nd District--Conway Collis(D) 4th District--H. Stanley Jones (R)

U.S. House of Representatives

21st District--Elton Gallegly (R)

State Senate

16th District--Jim Young (D)

State Assembly

43rd District--Terry B. Friedman (D)

54th District--Edward K. Waters (D)

Justices of the Supreme Court

Rose Elizabeth Bird--YES

Joseph R. Grodin--YES

Malcolm M. Lucas--YES

Stanley Mosk--YES

Edward A. Panelli--YES

Cruz Reynoso--YES

Justices of the Court of Appeal

We recommend a YES vote on all incumbents: Vaino Spencer, Campbell M. Lucas, Robert R. Devich, Morio L. Fukuto, Elwood Lui, Armand Arabian, John A. Arguelles, David N. Eagleson, Steven J. Stone, Arthur Gilbert, Richard W. Abbe, Mildred L. Lillie, Earl Johnson and Leon Thompson.

Judge of the Superior Court

Office No. 1--Leon S. Kaplan Office No. 12--Bernard Kaufman

Judge of the Municipal Court

Pasadena Judicial District--Judson W. Morris

Los Angeles County Assessor

No endorsement

The Measures

State of California

Prop. 53: Bond issue of $800 million for school construction--YES

Prop. 54: Bond issue of $500 million for prison construction--YES

Prop. 55: Bond Issue of $100 million for clean drinking water--YES

Prop. 56: Bond issue of $400 million for college and university facilities--YES

Prop. 57: Limits pension payments for top state officials--YES

Prop. 58: Limits property taxes in parent/child home sales--NO

Prop. 59: Requires district attorney offices to be elective--YES

Prop. 60: Provides tax benefits on certain homes for residents over 55--YES

Prop. 61: Imposes arbitrary ceilings on public employees pay--NO

Prop. 62: Imposes limits on taxing powers of some, but not all, cities--NO

Prop. 63: Makes English the official language, with uncertain consequences--NO

Prop. 64: Allows for quarantine of persons with AIDS virus--NO

Prop. 65: Imposes rigid restrictions on handling of toxic substances--NO

County of Los Angeles

Prop. J: Bond issue of $96 million to expand overcrowded County jails--YES

City of Los Angeles

Initiative Ord. U: Adjusts zoning for 70% of Los Angeles commercial property--NO

Initiative Ord. V: Creates a new city office to advise on pension investments--NO

Charter Amend. W: Makes technical changes in processing of housing bond funds--YES

San Diego County Candidates

U.S. House of Representatives 41st Dist.--U.S. Rep. Bill Lowery (R) 43rd Dist.--U.S. Rep. Jim Bates (D)

44th Dist.--U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) 45th Dist.--U.S. Rep. Ron Packard (R)

California Senate 38th Dist.--Sen. Bill Craven (R) 40th Dist.--Sen. Wadie Deddeh (D)

California Assembly 74th Dist.--Assemblyman Bob Frazee (R) 75th Dist.--Assemblywoman Sunny Mojonnier (R)

76th Dist.--Assemblyman Bill Bradley (R) 77th Dist.--Assemblyman Larry Stirling (R)

78th Dist.--Assemblywoman Lucy Killea (D) 79th Dist.--The Rev. Robert Ard (R)

80th Dist.--Assemblyman Steve Peace (D)

Board of Supervisors Dist. 4--Supervisor Leon Williams Dist. 5--Clyde Romney

Superior Court Judge (San Diego Judicial Dist.)--E. Mac Amos Jr.

San Diego City School Trustees Dist. B--Sue Braun Dist. C--Kay Davis

Justices of the Court of Appeal We recommend a YES vote on all incumbents: Daniel J. Kremer, Edward T. Butler, Jerry J. Lewis.


A: Raises sales tax half a cent for as long as five years to fund new courts and jails--YES

E: (Carlsbad) Sets a ceiling on residential development of 54,599 homes--NO

G: (Carlsbad) Limits housing-unit starts for next 10 years--YES

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