Turnout of Voters in State Running Light as Predicted

As predicted, voter turnout was running light in California today.

The Secretary of State's office said that by noon, five hours after the polls opened, a check of eight California counties found that 20.05% of the registered voters had gone to the polls. In the last gubernatorial election, in 1982, 26.66% of the voters had cast their ballots by 12 p.m.

In Los Angeles County, 24.98% of the registered voters had gone to the polls by 1 p.m., compared with 30.85% in 1982 by that hour.

Secretary of State March Fong Eu has predicted that 59% of the 12.8 million registered voters will go to the polls. That would be one of the lowest turnouts on record in California for a gubernatorial election.

California polls, which opened at 7 a.m., will close at 8 p.m.

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