‘Lester the Molester’ Proves to Be a Bit of a Jester With His Answers

Possibly on the theory that there was never a mood so dark that Lester Hayes couldn’t lighten it, the Raiders, stung by Sunday’s 21-10 loss to Denver, produced him at Wednesday’s weekly media breakfast.

This is part of what followed.

On his Dallas Cowboy loyalties as a boy in Houston:

--"It’s a distinct Texas mentality. I wanted to be a Cowboy. Then I saw their salary scale. I didn’t want to be a Cowboy anymore. It’s lame.”

On last winter’s reports he’d be traded:

--"It’s psychological BS. It’s tough to find strong(-side) corners. It’s tough to find power forwards. Ask the Lakers. It’s a facet of Coach (Al) Davis, he lights fires under some players. He lit a fire under me.”

On whether the tough Raider defense ever gets on the struggling Raider offense:

--"Oh, never, ever. Coach Davis won’t stand for that. No way.”


On whether giving Marc Wilson a big contract before the Raiders’ last appearance in Dallas was a good investment:

--"Don’t ask me that question! I don’t want to play in Buffalo next year, or Outer Mongolia! I don’t want to answer that question! I love being a Raider!”

On the Raider offense’s task:

--"It’s not difficult to score 17 points a game.”

In that case, why has it missed in four games?

--"Why not? Oh, gee, I play defense.”