Howie Long Undergoes Surgery, Has Blood Drained From Bruised Muscle

Howie Long went into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Sunday night to have pooling blood in the muscle bruise just above his left knee drained. This on a day that the Raiders had him listed as probable to play against the Browns.

Long is scheduled to be released today. Monday, Coach Tom Flores said Long would probably be listed as doubtful for Thursday’s game in San Diego.

Were the Raiders playing games with the injury report?

Long watched Sunday’s game in civilian clothes. He had the blood drained three times last week. Raider medical staffers, asked after Sunday’s game about the rumor that Long was about to have his knee arthroscoped, were allowed to issue a denial but were told not to say that Long was going into the hospital that night. The order reportedly came from Al Davis.


Team orthopedist Robert Rosenfeld said Monday the operation was minor, requiring three stitches and didn’t involve the knee itself.

“There’s nothing wrong with the knee at all,” Rosenfeld said. “It wasn’t a big thing. When it happened (Long bruised the area the previous week in Dallas), he didn’t tell anyone. The next day, it was black and blue. But it wouldn’t stop bleeding inside. We drained it several times, but this was the only way to get it.

“The only thing that made it surgery was we had to cut the skin. It took 15-20 minutes. I think he had about three stitches.

“When can he play? How long does it take a cut to heal? Usually about 7 to 10 days.”

After Thursday’s game, it will be 10 days before the Raiders play again, against the Eagles. Flores said he expects Long back by then.