Family Refuses to Let Judge Read Slain Girl’s Sex Diary

United Press International

The family of an 18-year-old woman strangled in Central Park refused to comply Thursday with a judge’s ruling that he be allowed to read the victim’s diary, saying it is sacred and “even the court should not see it.”

State Supreme Court Justice Howard E. Bell ordered the family to surrender the diary, said to contain Jennifer Levin’s comments on promiscuous “kinky” sexual activity, so he could decide 2003330420accused slayer’s attorney.

“These are the sacred, private thoughts of Jennifer Levin,” Jeffrey Newman, attorney for Levin’s family, said. “This diary is so sacred to the family they feel even the court should not see it.”


Bell ruled that the diary may be held in a bank safe deposit box pending the family’s appeal of his ruling.

Jack Litman, lawyer for Robert Chambers, 20, the handsome prep school graduate charged with killing Levin, believes that the diary may help the defense. Chambers is charged with second-degree murder for strangling Levin in Central Park on Aug. 26. He admits killing the young woman but says he accidentally choked her during a sexual encounter.

Chambers’ lawyer had subpoenaed Levin’s father for the diary, saying prosecutors had told him that it chronicled “kinky and aggressive sexual activity by Jennifer Levin with many lovers.”