Films going into production: CALHOUN...

Compiled by David Pecchia

Films going into production: CALHOUN (Calfilm Productions Ltd.). Shooting in Toronto and New York. A tough, impulsive street cop takes on a band of extortionists who are terrorizing the town. Executive producer Sandy Howard. Producers Tony Kramreiter and Martin Walters. Director Joseph L. Scanlan. Screenwriter James Docherty. Stars Bruce Fairbairn, Isaac Hayes and Leslie Nielsen. Distributor TMF. Mid-'87 release.

NO MAN'S LAND (Imagine Pictures Inc.). Shooting in L.A. Action thriller concerning a young deputy sheriff sent undercover to infiltrate a car-theft ring. Producers Joseph Stern and Dick Wolf. Director Peter Werner. Screenwriter Wolf. Stars Charlie Sheen, D B Sweeney and Lara Harris. Distributor Orion Pictures. Release date undetermined.

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