Too Many Parallels

Re "A Couple Disappear in Bermuda Triangle of Death Valley" by Ann Japenga (Dec. 21):

My son's disappearance Aug. 9, 1986, has too many parallels to this case (the disappearance of Barry and Louise Berman last Jan. 6) to make it coincidental. His vehicle was found about 20 miles northeast of Pahrump, Nev., about five weeks later. It was a pickup truck, he a flannel-shirt individual. It (his truck) also looked as if it were being left for a short time with various articles left intact.

We have experienced the same frustration as the Bermans as that, by the nature of the case, there is no real evidence of a crime. I have made several air searches over the area myself, being a licensed commercial pilot, all at my own expense. We also had to conduct our own ground search using volunteers from among his old high school and neighborhood peer group. We have distributed several hundred flyers several times through the area offering a $5,000 reward.

We believe there is a crime, and now there is a pattern: Both vehicles were found in remote, hard-to-get-to areas; (both disappearances) were in the Death Valley triangle; vehicles were left as if they would be returned to at any time; no reasons for suicide. Berman is an heir to much wealth. My son, Brian Eric Carlstrom, is a principal in a multi-million-dollar personal injury suit with a worldwide corporation.

I have a feeling that this mystery is truly encompassed in the Death Valley triangle. I have a feeling that there will be more victims with means before this mystery is solved.



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