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Your interview with “Hanoi Jane” Fonda was enough to make me sick.

As a Vietnam vet, I still refuse to go to any movie she’s in and I haven’t forgotten about her SDS (Students for Democratic Society) husband, Tom Hayden.

Vietnam wasn’t “Rambo,” but it also wasn’t a lot of other films either. I’m sick and tired of seeing movies that show the Vietnam vet as a drug addict, psycho or crazy killer of innocent women and children. I’m also just as tired of reading about how great films are that depict these things, and how we Vietnam vets all think they really show how it was.

The truth is, many vets had different experiences. Mine did not include drugs, fraggings, “MASH” or anti-American sentiment. We had it a lot better than the vets from WWII or Korea. We were rotated out after a year, we had R&R; and the food and medical treatment was excellent in comparison.


Korea and Vietnam should have taught us something, but I’m not sure we’ve learned. War is hell and nobody wants it, but if we get into a war we should fight it to win and get out.


Simi Valley