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Though Times Pop Critic Robert Hilburn can be informative and interesting in his coverage of the current pop scene, he can also be equally annoying by insulting the intelligence of a large portion of rock’s young audience.

In his recent critique of the Bon Jovi concert at the San Diego Sports Arena (“There’s More to Rock Than Bob Jovi’s Ritual,” Jan. 19), Hilburn insists that he knows the distinction between the power of rock and rock ‘n’ roll ritual. His overused phrases of “with a vision” and “inspiring sense of individuality” are conveniently used to support his view of X, John Fogerty and the Boss, but should they also apply to groups who admittedly don’t have such lofty goals?

How does Hilburn know rock’s influence and power on America’s youth? Maybe many fans left this concert uplifted and inspired by Bon Jovi’s concert that night. They were certainly moved to pay $15 for the opportunity.


Hilburn’s analysis fails by comparing apples with oranges: Bon Jovi has no artistic merit, but they do possess the ability, and power, to nearly fill an auditorium with 15,000 rockin’ high schoolers.

Lighten up, Hilburn. Get off your pedestal and stay in the real world.


Laguna Hills