Santa Anas Bring Mercury Up to a Point of Tying County’s Record

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As one may have suspected, the temperature tied a record in Orange County Friday, reaching 86 degrees as Santa Ana winds whipped down out of the deserts.

The record temperature for Feb. 6 was set 34 years ago in Anaheim; it was tied Friday in Santa Ana and Newport Beach.

Winds were strong below the canyons. Some gusts in the Tehachapis and around the mountains of San Diego County were 60 m.p.h. Wind advisories were also issued for many other Southland mountain areas where gusts were 20 to 40 m.p.h.


It should be warm again today, according to Cary Schudy of Earth Environment Service, the San Francisco-based weather service, but no higher than the low 80s. “I see a lot of high clouds streaming over Southern California and limiting the afternoon heating,” said Schudy.

Winds should diminish, forecasters said.