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As TV sweeps month heats up. . . .

Channel 2 News kicks off the titillation stakes with a five-part investigation into infidelity (“While TV soaps make light of it, our spouse might be making a night of it”) as Warren Olney goes undercover (no puns intended) to explore extra-marital affairs. Also this week: a look at students and AIDS (“Kids are cool, not careful”), with medical reporter Steve Gendel tipping us on how to keep kids safe.

Channel 4 News--which has been exposing therapists who “lust power, sex and control”--continues to take viewers to the most “exotic--erotic spots on earth” through sweeps and beyond.

Channel 7’s Eyewitness News also has the inevitable feature on teen-age sex. Paul Moyer focuses on high school sex education clinics and asks, “Are they making sex safe--or just easy?”


7’s most provocative show comes tomorrow night when “Eye on LA” host Chuck Henry gets an eyeful of the world’s nude beaches (“A tour of the best with the Aussie playmate of the year!”).

For the rest of the week the same show makes trips to Micronesia, Tahiti and Australia in its ratings battle with 2’s “2 on the Town,” which goes to the Philippines (“the lost Eden”), Morroco (a land “seized by passion”) and the Canary Islands (“embrace your wildest dreams”).