Paramount : Trailers Rented for Teachers

The Paramount Unified School District board has approved the rental of two trailers to be used as lounges by teachers and other staff members at Gaines Elementary and Paramount High School. The yearly rental for the two trailers, a single-size at Gaines and a double-size at Paramount High, will total about $30,000.

The Gaines faculty of about 60 has been using a 10-by-15-foot room for dining and relaxation. The school was designed for 200 students but now has an enrollment of nearly 700, according to board member Craig Olson. The 185 staff members at Paramount High also were provided with a "very small lounge area" that was inadequate for the staff's size, Olson said.

Although many of the district's schools were built in the 1940s and 1950s and are experiencing the same crowded conditions as Gaines and Paramount High, Olson said these are the only two schools that will require trailers. "We're hoping for rehabilitation money from the state" for the other schools, he said.

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