These are some of the questions used in the College Bowl match between the students and faculty of UC Irvine Wednesday:

1. In the United States, most of it is made from clover or alfalfa, but it can also be made from buckwheat, orange blossoms and sage. When fermented, it's called mead. What is this sweet liquid?

2. Vincenzo Peruggia made off with it in 1911 and hid it under his bed for two years. Previously, it had been kept in Milan, in Rome, at the French chateau of Cloux, on Napoleon's bedroom wall, and in the Louvre. Name this masterpiece.

3. In Greek mythology, he was a musician. In the comic strips, he's the brother of Lucy. What name do they share?

4. They premiered their latest song and video at the 1986 Grammy Awards and won their very first Grammy that same night. Name this group who recorded "The Harlem Shuffle."

5. On what road did the Good Samaritan perform his good deed?

Answers on Page 7.

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