McNamara on Nuclear Strategy

I was utterly appalled by the revelation in McNamara's article that despite the admonition of our "senior military commanders" that it "would lead to the destruction of our society," the "Western strategy now calls for early initiation of the use of nuclear weapons in a conflict with the Soviet Union."

What manner of men are these, so blinded by hatred of communism that they would pursue this lemmingesque "Better dead than Red" road to their extinction?

We are in deep trouble, indeed, burdened with leaders who, almost without exception, view Russia as the hated adversary. According to Ernest Conine's article (Editorial Pages, Jan. 26), Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger, in arguing against reduction of U.S. troops in Europe, declared it would "strengthen the hand of those in Europe who argue for . . . accommodation with the Soviet Union."

It seems to me that this is what the world needs today above everything else: an attitude of accommodation, of conciliation, of willingness to foster increasingly friendly relations with the Soviets.

It certainly beats the hell out of the current confrontational atmosphere, if we are to harbor any hope of insuring world peace and, ultimately, our very survival.


Van Nuys

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