Admissions Policy at UCLA

With regards to the comment by my former law professor, Reginald Alleyne, I was perplexed that he chose to characterize the new process of admissions at the undergraduate level as "innocently reached."

The sad fact is that there is nothing innocent about a plan that has always been designed to "take care" of whites. Only after Asians are outperforming whites does the school implement a plan to "better measure the whole person." And how indicative it is that at the Law School no such plan is in place for general admissions since at the Law School, one doesn't have to worry about Asian over-admission.

The invidiousness of racist admissions policies and procedures is not lessened by the subtlety with which it is done, Prof. Alleyne. Your colleague, would of course deny this just as 10 years ago they denied that the grade and test score criteria was discriminatory. But should Asian or any other group begin to over-populate the Law School the deans will put out the dusty demands of the legal education opportunity program students of 1977 and implement an across-the-board interview process. They will gladly participate in order to see to it that "whole persons" are admitted.


Los Angeles

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