Funny Way to Write a Column

What a low blow. Not only are we insulted by comics who accuse us of having fallen off the salami truck, but now our own Valley columnist, Al Martinez, (Feb. 23) says we are a hotel in which nothing funny has ever happened.

What does he have in mind? Should we short-sheet his bed next time he stays here? How about peanut butter in the soap dish?

Incidentally, the Improv at the Valley Hilton is not a franchise, and our recent survey indicates that Sherman Oaks has many more professional people than air-conditioning repairmen.

I agree that the Improv is supposed to be funny, and it is. However, if Martinez can do better, Budd Friedman may have a late Saturday night opening for him. I think he's very funny. And this I am trying to say with a straight face.


Kahn is general manager of the Valley Hilton.

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