Too Tough a Course for Touring Pros

So, 50 touring pros went behind closed doors to decide they didn't like embarrassing themselves on the PGA West Stadium course layout for the Bob Hope tournament. Too bad! Who promised them that life on the PGA tour would be a picnic? Desert golf has come of age because of the Stadium course. It is no longer a short flat whistle-stop where you can string out seven or eight consecutive birdies while still hung over from New Year's.

Their expressed reasons of parking and slow amateur play are bull. If they could shoot in the 60s, they wouldn't mind playing eight hours. This is one of the world's greatest golf courses and we members and our guests enjoy seeing touring pros faced with the challenges, decisions and results we hackers are faced with each round.

When Walter Payton avoids Lawrence Taylor, or Don Mattingly stays in the dugout when Roger Clemens pitches, then you can look for an easier course.


Agoura Hills

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