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"The Cosby Show" came in second to "Family Ties" in the weekly Nielsen ratings issued Tuesday, marking one of the few times Cosby has not been in the No. 1 spot. Overall, NBC had six of the top 10 programs, CBS two and ABC two. CBS' "I'll Take Manhattan" miniseries held the 11th, 12th and 14th slots. ABC's "The Betty Ford Story," which aired opposite one night of "Manhattan," came in 38th. "Betty Ford" was also outpointed by NBC's showing the same evening of "The Karate Kid," which was in 10th place. NBC wrapped up another win for the week, and also took the February sweeps. The Nielsen sweeps figures for Feb. 5-March 5 were: NBC 18.6, CBS 16.4 and ABC 14.7. Full Nielsen ratings appear on Page 10.

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