Immigration Administration

I am at a loss to understand the complaint of Rodriguez that illegal immigrants seeking legalization will have to pay up to $400 a family to legalize their situation and obtain permanent residence.

When I entered the United States in 1961 with my family, a total of five people, I had already spent about $125 for immigration visas at the American consulate, not to mention the cost, paid locally, of passports, photographs, X-rays, health certificates, police records, etc., all of which were required before the visas could be issued. Furthermore, personal application at the consulate was mandatory.

Some years later, we all became U.S. citizens, the court proceedings costing, I believe, about $150, and personal attendance being again, of course, essential.

The total cost of about $275 for the whole family is at least equal to today's inflated $400, so why the complaint? Remember also that the special organizing and personnel required to handle this problem cost far more than the orderly issuing of immigration visas at U.S. consulates abroad, who are prepared for this work.

Remember also that the "illegals" are getting a free pardon for having violated U.S. immigration laws, which I assume could subject them to fines, prison and deportation. This point seems to be forgotten!

I think that the legalization offered is a bargain.


Los Angeles

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