'The Blight of Offshore Rigs'

I just finished reading the Commentary ("The Blight of Offshore Oil Rigs," March 8) by Fred Grumm. I was struck by the naivete in his article. How did he get to Santa Barbara where he was privileged to look out upon the ocean and see the offshore rigs? He stated that he drove. His car used gasoline and tires made of petroleum products while he probably used plastic, nylon and other man-made products produced from petroleum as he drove on asphalt roads (again petroleum).

Does the gentleman think that to keep a landscape devoid of the offshore rigs is the birthright of Californians while others are forced to give up their landscapes to provide petroleum products for the pleasure of the ones who use the majority of the petroleum? Somehow that seems very inconsistent to me.

For what it is worth, my husband and I were driving back to the Los Angeles area through Santa Barbara last weekend and discussed how much the rigs add to the landscape and the ecology of the ocean.



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