U.S.-Israel and Spy Case

The State of Israel deserved criticism, not because it spied on America, but because it feels the necessity to apologize and to punish Gen. Sella.

Israel spying in no way compromised America's security versus the Russians. It was only to find information about Israel's so-called moderate Arab neighbors. America, by arming the Arabs with F-15 jets, battle tanks and various types of missiles have caused Israel concern as to how the weapons will be put to use and has necessitated an Israel counter move to the weapons systems.

Pollard also gave Israel vital information that enabled them to bomb the Palestine Liberation Organization headquarters in Tunisia, which is much the same type of operations that America undertook against Libya.

Gen. Sella is a true Jewish hero. He is the first man in history to shoot down a MIG-21 in aerial combat. He also is responsible for taking the first close aerial photograph of the SAM-6 missile. In addition, Sella is the one who planned the attack against the Iraqi nuclear reactor in July of 1981. In June of 1982, Sella masterminded the devastation of the Russo-Syrian missile deployment during the Lebanon war. America would be much more secure with a man like Sella as secretary of defense than Casper W. Weinberger.

The prime minister of Israel lacks the intestinal fortitude or guts to properly confront the enemies of the Jewish people in the manner that they are most likely to understand. By allowing Jewish soldiers to be sacrificed for Arab civilians and allowing Lebanese Jews and Israeli soldiers to be held hostage and subsequently murdered without causing a scorched-earth policy and a devastation against those who carry this out, future acts of anti-Jewish violence are only guaranteed.

The real question is how much the Jewish people really want a state of their own. Do they really want to pay the necessary price? The implementation of the above, together with the treatment that Sella receives from the Israel government and the resolve of the Jewish people to partake financially in the development of the Lavi jet fighter, would be an indication.


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