No Sign Found of Simi Valley Man Lost Off Sailboat; Coast Guard Ends Search

Times Staff Writer

The Coast Guard ended its search Sunday evening for a Simi Valley man who was reported missing Saturday after he fell from a sailboat in rough seas off the coast of Oxnard.

Ken Bauman, 24, was presumed dead after the Coast Guard found no trace of him outside the Channel Islands Harbor in Ventura County, Chief Petty Officer Joseph Hartline said.

Bauman was reported missing Saturday afternoon. His brother, Gregory Bauman, of Granada Hills and two others in the 22-foot sailboat had been unable to rescue Bauman, who was not wearing a life vest, after he fell into the water, Hartline said.

He said the group was about four miles from the harbor and had encountered seven-foot waves and 25 m.p.h. winds. "There were rough seas out there, but we don't know how he fell overboard," Hartline said.

After making two unsuccessful passes to reach Bauman, his companions threw him a life-flotation ring but did not know whether he was able to grasp it before they left to seek help, Hartline said.

The sailboat lacked a radio, he said. Those aboard hailed a tugboat, which contacted the Coast Guard about 5:40 p.m., Hartline said.

Two Coast Guard vessels and one helicopter searched in vain until 11:45 p.m. Saturday and resumed the search at daybreak Sunday, Hartline said.

Rescuers suspended their rescue efforts for a short time Sunday afternoon after finding no trace either of Bauman or of the life ring. A helicopter made a third search that lasted until nightfall, the Coast Guard reported.

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