1989 All-Star Game Will Probably Be Played at Anaheim Stadium

A request by Angel owner Gene Autry to hold the 1989 baseball All-Star game at Anaheim Stadium as part of Orange County's centennial celebration is expected to be approved, Dr. Bobby Brown, the American League president, said here Sunday.

The formal announcement, Brown said, is being held in abeyance pending a decision in the Angels suit against the city of Anaheim concerning construction in the stadium parking lot.

"We can't hold the game there if three-fourths of the parking lot is being chewed up," Brown said. "We're tentatively leaning (to giving the game to the Angels) but there's so much litigation going on that we thought we'd wait before making a formal announcement."

The All-Star game, played in Anaheim in 1967, does not rotate among the 26 teams. It goes only to cities that desire to hold it. The 1987 game is scheduled for Oakland. The 1988 game will be played in Cincinnati.

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