Burbank Seeks Amtrak Stop Near Airport

Burbank officials are appealing to the state Department of Transportation to establish a stop in their city on a planned Santa Barbara-to-San Diego Amtrak service.

Steven A. Somers, manager of the city's transportation systems, said a stop near Burbank Airport and the Lockheed plant in the city, where there already is a station, would help businesses and commuters.

But Caltrans officials have said that there are not enough parking spaces at the station to accommodate travelers. Warren Weber, director of the department's rail system, said Burbank travelers who want to take the train can use the Panorama City or Glendale stations.

The service, which will consist of one round trip daily, is designed primarily for travelers between cities and not as a commuter run, he said.

Somers said he and other transportation officials are negotiating with Lockheed to secure 80 to 100 parking spaces next to the station from Southern Pacific Railroad Co., which leases parking from Lockheed. He is also continuing to talk with Caltrans officials, he said.

The Santa Barbara-to-San Diego run is to start in October.

Weber said there still is a chance that a stop will be scheduled in Burbank. "With all the attention this has been getting, we're still looking at it," he said.

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