. . . The L.A. Civic Light Opera's been selling its June revival of "Cabaret" as a nostalgia musical--"Return to a time when nothing was taken seriously and life was a cabaret" goes an ad line. Nothing, of course, except the rise of the Nazis and virulent anti-Semitism, both prominent in the story line.

. . . Intro, the magazine for singles, has a mailer out for its "personal introduction service" with 20 photos of attractive young ladies--and one of a balding, stocky fellow beside the headline:"How One Man at Age 53 Got Over 1,000 Women to Chase After Him!"

. . . Her-Ex columnist Ben Stein waxed rhapsodic Tuesday on the glories of John Hughes' current film, "Some Kind of Wonderful." Hughes is an "authentic genius," the pic a "great work of creation" that "nourishes confidence in the whole culture of this still magical country." But--oops!--Stein forgot to mention he got his big acting break (as a wacky high-school teacher) in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," written and directed by . . . John Hughes.

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