Hermosa Beach : Resident Files Recall Notice

Disgruntled resident Parker Herriott says he will circulate recall petitions against Mayor John Cioffi and Councilman Tony DeBellis, whose terms expire in November, because of their support for a controversial hotel project.

Voters approved the development on the old Biltmore hotel site by one vote, but the outcome is being challenged in court.

Herriott acknowledged that he is trying to recall the two councilmen for the same reasons that he unsuccessfully attempted to recall all five council members after the hotel election. The other three have since been replaced on the council.

City Clerk Kathleen Midstokke said Herriott filed his notice of intent Monday. She said he would have to get the signatures of 20% of the city's 13,000 registered voters--or 2,600--to force a recall election.

"If he gets that many people to sign," DeBellis said, "that's three times as many people as voted for us the first time."

DeBellis and Cioffi would not say if they plan to run for reelection in November.

Herriott has had a running battle with the City Council over decisions restricting small developments he and his brother Paul are involved in.

Cioffi said Herriott is attempting to recall him and DeBellis because he cannot take no for an answer.

Herriott denied that he is attempting to recall the two officials out of spite.

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