Redondo Beach : Racers to Stay at Harbor

An 8,000-mile car race around the United States, popularized by the "Cannonball Run" movies, will pause Monday night at the Portofino Inn in King Harbor.

The Portofino has been the only overnight stop on the "One Lap of America" for the past three years, but a second overnight stay has been added this year in Atlanta, said Barrie Perks, Portofino managing director.

The race has traditionally paused in Redondo Beach, Perks said, because the end of the "Cannonball Run" was filmed at the Portofino, and the inn's previous owner, Mary Davis, was formerly a race-car driver.

The race is scheduled to begin Friday in Troy, Mich., and finish there April 26.

Under rules in effect for four years, teams of two or three people drive "everyday street cars" around the country and the "legally fastest" driver wins, Perks said. Checkpoints will be set up and drivers who are going too fast will be penalized, he said.

Drivers compete for more than $30,000. The event is sponsored by Uniroyal Inc. The race route includes Indianapolis; Denver; Las Vegas; Monterey; Los Angeles; Tucson; Laredo, Tex.; Jackson, Miss.; Atlanta; Darien, Conn., and Mansfield, Ohio.

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