Teen-Ager Receives 180-Year Sentence in Duffys’ Deaths

Associated Press

A teen-ager convicted in the shooting deaths of the parents of “Dallas” star Patrick Duffy was sentenced Wednesday to 180 years in prison.

District Judge Frank Davis sentenced Kenneth Miller of Helena to 75 years in Montana State Prison for the murder of Terrence Duffy, 75 years for the murder of Marie Duffy, 20 years for robbery and 10 years for assault.

The judge ruled that the sentences will run consecutively and declared the 19-year-old janitor a dangerous offender, which reduces his eligibility for parole.

Patrick Duffy plays Bobby Ewing on the television show, “Dallas.”


Miller was convicted March 19 of deliberate homicide for his involvement in the deaths of the Duffys during a robbery of the couple’s bar in Boulder last Nov. 18.