Ban on Hunting Mountain Lions Ends

For shame! The state of California has just entered a period of darkness.

Under pressure from the gun clubs and the so-called sportsmen, the Fish and Game Commission has reinstated the hunting of mountain lions (Part I, April 11) for the benefit of a few macho Neanderthals who feel compelled to shoot the big cats to satisfy their sadistic impulses. The ugly spectacle of cornering this magnificent animal with a pack of dogs and then ending its life with a high-powered rifle is an outrage on our wildlife and should be outlawed once and for all.

It has long been the goal of gun clubs and "sport shooters" to reopen the hunting season on cougars. The lame excuses given, such as a threat to man and his property, are used as valid reasons to justify the cruel and barbaric tactics used by hunters in tracking down and killing these animals. Talk about violence in today's world--if this is what we have to teach our children, small wonder there isn't more.

Trophy hunting has always been a symbol of senseless killing. It reveals the darker side of man's nature and has no place in a civilized society.



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