Ban on Hunting Mountain Lions Ends

Many thanks for your splendid editorial on mountain lions (April 10). The Fish and Game Commission has received 19,000 letters and signatures on petitions from those who are opposed to trophy hunting of mountain lions. In spite of this overwhelming opposition, the commission reopened the hunting season on the cougar and licenses will be issued to trophy hunters to kill 190 lions whose only crime is that they had the misfortune of having been born as lions in California.

We, who have testified before the commission and worked our hearts out to save these beautiful and important predators from being hung on living room walls, should regroup instead of moaning and groaning about the loss of these animals and work hard toward having the structure of the Fish and Game Commission changed. The five commissioners, all with strong pro-hunting leanings, were appointed by the governor; the environmental concerns are not represented. Since they have the power to enact laws, commissioners should be elected just as legislators are. Only then can we be assured that the decisions made by the commission will be fair, unbiased and balanced.


California Wildlife Defenders


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