Community Colleges Ban Tobacco During Athletic Activities

Tobacco use of any kind by participants in community college athletics will be banned in California, effective July 1.

The 21-member California State Community College Commission on Athletics, meeting at the Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa Friday, voted unanimously for the ban.

The rule will also affect officials, coaches and administrators at practices and games.

“We’ll be asking the colleges to police themselves,” said Stu Van Horn, director of information services for the commission. “This motion is all part of a major emphasis by the commission to continually inform our community college administrators and student-athletes that the use of any form of substance will not be tolerated.”


The decision applies to all sports, but baseball is the one most obviously affected.

“Chewing tobacco is a just a characteristic of baseball,” said Nick Fuscardo, Fullerton baseball coach, who chews. “But this will make the coaches’ job easier because it’s out of our hands. My coaches will be going on the wagon.”

Said Don Sneddon, Rancho Santiago baseball coach, who doesn’t chew: “I’m in favor of it 100%. I’ve always discouraged it.”