Equality Comes to Men's Room

Times Staff Writer

There may soon be a giant cover-up at Nordstrom in Santa Ana.

To keep up with changing times, the store--which is slated to open Sept. 4--plans to offer unisex diaper-changing tables in both the men's and ladies' rooms.

The stations themselves are nothing new. Most of the Nordstrom stores in Southern California, in fact, already have them in women's restrooms. The Seattle-based chain decided to turn the tables--and add stations where men could use them--after a crying demand from several male customers, a company spokeswoman said.

The diaper tables will premiere as a special amenity in Santa Ana, but Nordstrom plans to add them soon at the South Coast Plaza store.

The 154,600-square-foot store is in Santa Ana's Main Place mall--only about 10 miles away from Nordstrom stores at both South Coast Plaza and the Brea shopping center.

The Santa Ana store has another perk planned to lure the area's businesswomen. A hosiery delivery service will take orders from customers working at nearby businesses, then deliver the goods twice a week via moped or bicycle.

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