Pasadena : Caltech Professorship

Caltech has established a Marvin L. Goldberger Professorship, named for its president, who will become director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., in September.

The professorship will be funded with a $1.5-million gift from John G. Braun, trustee of the Carl F. Braun Trust of Pasadena. John Braun is former head of the C.F. Braun Co., an engineering firm in Alhambra. The family has given many major gifts to Caltech, dating to 1926 with the founding of the Caltech Associates.

James J. Morgan, professor of environmental engineering science and president of student affairs, will be the first Goldberger professor. A specialist in aquatic pollutants and water purification, he is working on new techniques for treating water and for controlling pollution in coastal waters and from acid rain.

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